Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Charity

CW+ is the official charity of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust including its hospitals and clinics.

"I thought I would design a T-shirt which would express what we all must be feeling right now but may have a hard time expressing. The image, inspired by street art, I hope demonstrates human resilience. After all, don't we all want to tell the virus to GET LOST? I'm sure we do. I'm also sure that, together, we will overcome the obstacles placed in front of us. And that we will come out, on the other side, with a fresh, more constructive and more learned perspective on life, nature and humanity as a whole



In my ongoing efforts to support the Chelsea Westminster Hospital charity arm, CW+, over the last couple of years, with a series of T- shirt designs, I wanted once again to do my part, only this time,  in aid of the CW+ COVID 19 Rapid Response Fund, given the amazing efforts carried out so selflessly by the hospital's frontline workers.  In my opinion, what brings humanity together at anytime, but especially during these critical times, are four human attributes: harmony, love, interdependence and unity. With that in mind, I developed a logo encompassing all four concepts, by devising a system of, what I hope to be, universally understood symbols. At the core of all four emblems: the mathematical symbol for infinity. Beyond borders, beyond culture, beyond words. Only reason and emotion. Brought together in a square matrix. And the + of the CW+ logo lies at the crux of it. Harmony + Love + Interdependence + Unity should indeed be a winning combination! 

Alex Eisler, March 2020 



Chelsea Westminster Hospital Children's sensory room 

Chelsea Westminster Hospital has a sensory room—a specialised fun space with a range of relaxing and child-centred activities that helps babies, children and teenagers (including those with special needs) to cope with their hospital experience. This room is also used for individual play sessions for children who have high anxiety around procedures and treatments, and require a calm environment, and for mothers to breastfeed their babies.